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Kind Words About Joe and Ann

…We are pleased that you were happy with your July 8th meeting with the Holy Father… he and I want you to know that we also keep you and your loved ones in our prayers…
     Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
     Archbishop of Krakow, Poland
     Personal Secretary to His Holiness,
     Pope John Paul II - 2003

…Ann and Joe, I thank you for the wonderful gift of the zuccchetto of Pope John Paul II which you presented to me. The zucchetto, a relic of Blessed John Paul II, has a special place of honor here in our museum in Baltimore at the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the oldest Cathedral of Roman Catholicism in the United States of America.…
     Cardinal William H. Keeler
     Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore – 2008

…This Pontifical Council is pleased to acknowledge your efforts in arranging the working agreement for providing assistance to Cor Unum… Please know of this Pontifical Council's deep gratitude for your help from the very beginnning… We wish you well in your work on behalf of the poor and your other commitments…
     Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes
     President Emeritus
     The Pontifical Council – “Cor Unum” – 2010

…His Holiness is grateful for your generous activities on behalf of the needy. Assuring you of a remembrance in his prayers, he once more imparts his Apostolic Blessing…
     Cardinal Angelo Sodano
     Secretary of State, The Vatican – 2003

…Joseph’s professional life, always shared by his good wife, Ann, has extended itself to serve the poor and needy throughout the world. They live the Gospel of Jesus, and I feel honored to have them in our Diocese of Orlando…
     Most Reverend Norbert M. Dorsey, C.P.
     Bishop of Orlando – 2002

…I feel greatly honored to have friends like you, Ann and Joe, dedicated servants of God and true friends of the poor and needy.…
     H.E. Raymond R. M. Tai
     Retired Ambassador of the Republic of China to the Holy See – 2008

…Ann and Joe, I encourage you in your new role. It is a special form of evangelization promoted by our late and beloved Holy Father. God bless you in your efforts.…
     Archbishop John C. Favalora
     Archbishop of Miami – 2010

…I deeply appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to visit with both of you and convey our gratitude for your loyalty and support of God's suffering poor…
     Monsignor Karel Kasteel
     General Secretary - The Pontifical Council, Cor Unum – 2003

…Thanks. I am pleased to see you are called upon when knowledge counts…
     Sheldon S. Cohen, Esq.
     Former Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service – 1983

…May God continue to bless you abundantly in your long and spiritual work for the poor…

     Archbishop Eugene Sharbaro
     Apostolic Pro-Nuncio
     Port of Span, Trinidad, W.I. – 1998

…It was really good to see you and Ann and I again commit my prayers for your good works during these many years. We give thanks to God for your lives…
     Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez
     Archbishop Emeritus of San Juan – 2007

…I am also grateful for your continued commitment to serve the poor through "Cor Unum" which serves as the charitable arm of our Holy Father. Your dedication and generosity to the poor is a great testimony of your love for the needy and serves as a sign of God's love to these unfortunate brothers and sisters.…

     Cardinal Robert Sarah
     The Pontifical Council – “Cor Unum” – 2013

…We are deeply grateful for your friendship, what you have done for Renewal Ministries, and most of all your witness and inspiration as a couple so dedicated to serving the Lord…
     Dr. Ralph Martin, Founder and President
     Renewal Ministries – 2010

…I am personally grateful for your kindness and your service to the Archdiocese and to the Church Universal.…
     Archbishop William E. Lori
     Archbishop of Baltimore – 2013

…He is particularly gifted in originating innovative financial concepts. Joe Brennan truly is an Israelite in whom there is no guile…
     Bishop James K. Mathews (Ret.)
     United Methodist Council of Bishops – 1983

…I am always grateful to you, not only for all that you have carried out for the good of the Church and for the poor and needy, but also for your personal example of devotion and holiness. You truly are a blessing for the Church and a great witness to our faith.…

     Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito
     Bishop of Palm Beach – 2011

…Your ideas will be most helpful as this office begins to implement our planned giving program. I am pleased to hear that you found your experience of the Pope’s historic visit to Columbia, South Carolina, so memorable…
     Cardinal Joseph Bernardin
     Archbishop of Chicago – 1987

…Joseph and Ann Brennan are fervent and apostolically-minded Catholics with a great love and devotion to the Holy Father and to the Holy See…
     Most Reverend James Flynn, I.C.
     Superior General, Institute of Charity – 2003

…It was really a great honor and joy to meet you and I thank you for your generious service to the Holy Father and to his dearest poor people…
     Cardinal Paul Shan, S.J.
     Bishop of Kaohsiung – TAIWAN, R.O.C. – 2003

…I look forward to working with you to provide for these hungry children in Keren, Eritrea. Your dear wife, Ann, is truly amazing and Our Lord has a special place for her in Heaven. We were so privileged to share at Mass with the Holy Father in the Papal Chapel…
     Most Reverend Sister Mary de Baco, M.P.F.
     Superior General, Filippinin Congregation – 2000

…It has been my privilege to be associated with Mr. Joseph Brennan for many years. He is a person of the highest integrity…
     Arthur C. Borden, President
     Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability – 1985

…As always, you have my thanks and my gratitude for all of your good work…
     H.E. Ambassador R. James Nicholson
     Embassy of the United States
     to the Holy See – 2003

…Thank you for sharing the video of your special moment with the Holy Father. You now have a relic of a future canonized Saint, John Paul the Great…
     Most Reverend Victor B. Galeone
     Bishop Emeritus of Saint Augustine – 2004

…What you told me about the new annuity/insurance concept… to promote gift endowment struck me as both new and unique…
     William Z. Cline, Director (Ret.)
     American Bar Association – 1983

…I am aware that you have dedicated body and soul to the needs of the poorest around the world and have been able to work small miracles. I am fully convinced that the finest thing you offer to those deprived brothers and sisters of us all is your love and spiritual concern…
     Most Reverend Jose Agustin Orbegozo, C.P.
     Superior General, Passionist Congregation – 1998

…Thank you for your sharing of the meeting that you had with the Holy Father at the general audience on May 14th. It is quite a powerful story.…
     Rev. Msgr. James F. Checchio, JCD, MBA
     Rector of The Pontifical North American College – 2008
     America's Seminary in the Vatican

…Your deep faith and commitment for the poor is using the gifts God has given you for His people…

Sister Elizabeth Veenhuis, SSJ
President, Sisters of Saint Joseph – 1988

…Let us bless and thank the Lord for the rare grace given to you by meeting the Holy Father personally…
     Sister M. Pauline Darnayla, P.D.D.M.
     Papal Appointment Secretary – 2002

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